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Team United

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Autism Football Associaiton

Autism Football Association is a charity that works to support young people with disabilities overcome social barriers they often face when taking part in sport and physical activity, particularly team sports. We focus on supporting young people aged 10-16 years with Autism but not exclusively.

We do this through offering young people the opportunity to take part in a player pathway that offers a number of components and opportunities such as weekly sports or activity instruction, social activities and an awards scheme. We focus our attention on knowing as much as we can about each of our players, use their chosen sport as the motivator to break down social barriers and get them playing together as a team. More importantly, being active and enjoy taking part.

As we have trained and knowledgeable coaching and support staff in every session, young people know their needs will be understood.

Our approach enables young people the opportunity to gain confidence, connect with their team mates and celebrate their achievements in a supported environment.

Team United provide a framework to support young people overcome social barriers they may face when participating in sport, particularly team sports.

Team United
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