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Match Day Protocols - Updated 1st October 2020

Scottish Para-Football teams in line with the Scottish FA guidance will be permitted to undertake local friendly matches from 12th September 2020. 

The Scottish FA have created a series of Matchday protocols which support teams and clubs to begin to participate within local friendly matches.

- To access the Children and Young Person (5-17 years) Matchday protocols please click here

- To access the Adult (18 years +) Matchday protocols please click here 

- Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

Please note: It is vital that everyone involved adheres to the Matchday protocols to ensure a safe return to friendly matches within Scottish Football.

To undertake friendly matches please take consideration to the following points; 

  • Safeguarding - Only Coaches and Officials who have completed the Scottish Para-Football Safeguarding procedures should be involved within any team activity.


  • Insurance -  Insurance for all teams within Scottish Para-Football lapsed in July 2020. Please ensure your team has appropriate insurance to allow for a return to football.


  • Covid Officer - The Scottish Government and SportScotland has made it mandatory for all sports teams to appoint a Covid Officer to ensure the safe return to football. Therefore each Scottish Para-Football team will be required to appoint a trained official who has undertaken Covid Officer training which can be found here . Descriptions of the Covid Officer role can be found here.


  • Local Matches - Clubs undertaking friendly matches should attempt to play local teams to limit the amount of travel. To support the arrangement of friendly matches. The Scottish FA has mapped Scottish Para-Football teams within each Game Leader to allow an understanding to the locality of teams within Scottish Para-Football. To view the map please click here


  •  Travel - Teams must adhere to allow public health and current Scottish Government travel guidance. Teams must continue to ensure to follow Scottish Para-Football Player Safeguarding guidelines.


  •  Register of Attendees - Please ensure that a full register is carried out of all who attends training and matches. This is to ensure that in the event of an outbreak that the Track and Trace team have the ability to carry out the required tracking. Please note Track and Trace is written into Law and failure to maintain a register may result in further consequences. 


The return to playing matches is a vital step forward in the return to Football. However it is vital that all teams undertake the guidelines as laid out by the Scottish FA.